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Reclaiming real food

One expects a book about giving up processed foods to be essentially a foodie’s journal of gonzo home cooking projects. Megan Kimble’s debutUnprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food serves up plenty of that as she mills wheat berries into flour, boils the salt out of seawater, and strains oat milk from gruel. But wait a minute, isn’t all of that a form of processing? For Kimble, there are processed foods and then there are overly processed foods that are high in mysterious additives and manipulated in ways that she can’t duplicate in her own kitchen. So milk is in, refined sugar is out. Since her goal is to impact not only her health and the environment, but also the local economy, Safeway is also out–and she’ll do it all on a graduate student’s salary of $16,000 a year. Read more [Appeared in Sierra Magazine]