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Open Arms of MN Annual Report

Annual Report: OAM

This year Open Arms celebrated a major milestone: thirty years of providing meals for people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Our strategy for their annual report was to talk about the many things that had changed over the decades — and the many, many wonderful things that had stayed the same. To do this, we interviewed past and present volunteers, clients and donors, and told the organization’s story through their stories. This juxtaposition of past and present allowed us to weave in 2015 results, creating a book that highlights the year’s growth, as well as three decades of community support and nutritious, delicious food. Read more

Goodness Soap Labels

Naming: Goodness Soap Works

Goodness Soap Works makes beautiful, handmade, triple-milled soaps. They are filled with essentials oils that smell fantastic — and smooth your skin and spirit. They asked for help naming the individual soaps, and I came up with a list of potentials based on their brand and the super powers of each soap’s ingredients. See a cute stack of soap

HealthEast Careers Banner

Website: HealthEast

HealthEast is one of the largest medical systems in the Twin Cities, with four hospitals and 14 neighborhood clinics. I partnered with their marketing team to create new messages to recruit talented doctors, nurses, medical residents, and other professional folk, and then used those messages to write the content for their new Careers website. Visit the site

Dumpling & Strand Label

Naming: Dumpling & Strand

When food scientist Jeff Casper and entrepreneur-designer Kelly McManus decided to launch a noodle company — fresh noodles featuring locally sourced cold-milled organic grains! — they asked me to help them come up with a name. What fun! Based on the team’s brand (quirky, earnest, smart, inventive, and driven by curiosity), aesthetic, and diverse offering, I came up with a list of possibilities. They chose: Dumpling & Strand Noodlers at Large. See the whole label

Concept: The Nature Conservancy

I partnered with Kelly McManus to brainstorm themes and taglines for a Nature Conservancy gala in St. Paul. At the time, the Nature Conservancy was raising public awareness of the ways in which conservation impacts not only wilderness and wildlife, but also big business–you can’t have Coke if you don’t have water. Our tagline and theme: Investing in Nature’s Return.